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EIAS Animator 9.1

EIAS Animator is a 3D animation and rendering application
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EIAS Animator will help you to apply surface materials, animate your models and light your scenes. It has been utilized in hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters since 1991, when it was originally introduced. It will assist you not only to create a stellar end product, but on time and on budget.

In order to run the EIAS Animator 7.0, which is their latest software, you will require the Quick Time Plug-In. Some of the quality features of the new Animation 7.0 Software are: Dynamics (Physic Engine), HDR Support, Xpressionist 3.5 and many animator features. Over 60 shaders and a gradient shader is also included with up to twelve color keys. Noise Factory Shader is a new 3D noise shader with an interactive graphing control.

Deformations; you can turn on or off individual deformations or deformation regions for each object in your product. Light gels that you can apply a texture map to illuminators to automatically color the lighting bash on the map. FBX support, improved open GL drawing that is much faster than before, Mr. Nitro 2 plug-in, contextual menus, UV Texture Normalize, Multiple Undos, Replace Texture Buttons and Path Dragging are also added features.

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  • Software in use since 1991


  • Needs QuickTime Plug-in
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